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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Linked to the health and wellbeing

Article highlights achievements of Biovet, which celebrates the 60th anniversary.According to journalistic publications (see original links below), Biovet Lab always works very close to the clients, through the technical and commercial teams, attentive to all the existing demands. In this way, it has created over the years both with clients in Brazil and outside the country very productive partnerships, in which the objective is the 'win-win', through resolution of some demand, problem faced and / or by the sector of performance. In addition, the brand has two strategic sectors: Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Through them, Biovet ensures compliance with the methodological procedures required by national and foreign authorities in terms of safety and traceability, in a link with the health and well-being of humanity. Biovet completes 60 years on November 11.

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