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Laboratório Biovet, an animal health company, that belongs to Vaxxinova group, which has operations globally established in more than 50 countries (click here to know more). In Brazil, the company has its headquarters and production sites in Vargem Grande Paulista (SP) and Ibiúna, and a research center in Ibiúna (SP), which guarantees the development and manufacture of a wide range of solutions to animal health, through the business units livestock, poultry and companion animals.


Since its foundation in 1957, the Laboratory Biovet has differentiated itself in the animal health market by always offering solutions in animal health, based on science and pioneerism.

Its portfolio with over 100 products provides veterinary doctors with the means to act in the prevention or treatment of diseases in cattle herds (beef and dairy), sheep, goats, horses, pigs and poultry; besides equally committing to the segment of company animals.

This history, maintaining research and development as pillars, is aligned with the demand of the field. Founded by the veterinary doctor, Dr. René Corrêa, who always had a strong scientific vocation, Biovet knows that besides having its own resources (investment and know-how), it must also share the challenge of finding the suitable solutions to the needs of the field with research institutions in Brazil and abroad. Therefore, we say that Biovet has a vocation for science and, by inspiration, for animal health.

We know that a suitable solution should always maintain the same level of quality in order to reach the highest number of animals possible. Therefore, Biovet's mission is to produce excellent solutions, meet the needs of the global veterinary market, ethically offer products and services, seek profitability and satisfy our customers, stakeholders and collaborators.

Investment in know-how and infrastructure has always been the basis of Biovet. As a result, our manufacturing plants presently have the biggest antirabies vaccine production lab in Brazil in, the most modern lab for the production of vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease in the country and the only lab for the production of vaccines against avian coccidiosis in the southern hemisphere.

Today, Biovet's portfolio consists of vaccines, antiparasitics, antimicrobials, hormones and supplements.

However, all this would not have been possible without the strict Quality Assurance System, which is qualified according to the cGMP standards (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). Since 1999 when Biovet implemented the cGMP, our system has been tested and audited continuously by sanitary authorities of the Brazilian government and countries from Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Asia, as well as by other companies of the animal health sector that accredit Biovet for outsourcing of products in their portfolio.

The credibility of Biovet and of the Brazilian science has been expanding throughout the world as the seriousness with which it works and the level of quality attained has enabled Biovet to reach highly demanding markets like Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, where the production of animal protein is of fundamental importance. Furthermore, it is exactly in these places that the growth and concentration of the world population is (and will be) higher, with primary demand for food in terms of quality and quantity. We have full knowledge of the importance of animal health in order for food safety to be achieved in the future. Based on the aforementioned, Biovet has the task of repeating abroad the success already achieved in Brazil.

These achievements are reflections of an innovative work, which leads us to conclude that with all certainty "our DNA is innovation".

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